GdsDump is a command-line based application that prints out the contents of a GDS II file in a human-useable form.

GdsDump prints out each record of the GDS file in hexadecimal values followed by the human-readable interpretation of the record. The file offset for each record is shown just before the hexadecimal representation of the record.

GdsDump can be used to verify files that are created by your layout editors. Or it can be used to double check GDS readers that you may be using. Or, you can use GdsDump to peek into layout files that you happen to run across.

Latest version 1.4.

Pricing and Availablity
GdsDump 1.4 is free!

GdsDump runs on machines running MacOSX, NeXTSTEP 3.3, OpenStep/Mach 4.X, and Solaris/Sparc 2.5 or greater.

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